Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fisher Price Portable Rocker - 01

 Dapatkan segera Fisher Price Portable Rocker dengan harga yang murah untuk simanja hanya di Hani Bb Collection.Stock adalah terhad.

Fisher-Price Portable Rocker- 01
It starts out as an infant seat or rocker with a low-profile frame, very appropriate for newborns. Then, as your child grows, you can easily convert this portable rocker to an infant seat to add interactive toy play. Then, make it a toddler rocker.
Flip out the kickstand to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat for older babies or toddlers. The Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker folds easily and has a built-in handle, so it can go wherever you and baby do! Requires 1 “D” alkaline battery (not included). Rocker includes 2 button-cell batteries for toy.
Appropriate from: Birth to 4 years old Maximum Weight: 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Developmental Guidelines: Use the portable rocker’s upright position only when your child has developed enough upper body control to sit without leaning forward.
Better for Mom...
  • Enjoy years of use with this portable rocker—from infancy to 40 pounds!
  • Convenient space for feeding baby
  • So portable!
  • Machine-washable pad makes cleaning this rocker a breeze!
Better for Baby...
  • Calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion help comfort and soothe baby.
  • Versatile seat angles add comfort for different age babies, from infants to toddlers!
  • Baby-activated music and rattles offers auditory stimulation.
  • Bright colors and patterns stimulate your infant's visual sense

Price: RM199!! 
Include postage for Semenanjung Malaysia by Gdex only.
Add RM42  for Sabah Sarawak by Pos Laju

Sold Out (November) 
1 unit sold to Adibah Ishak ,Perak
 1 unit sold to Murni Mohd ,Selangor
1unit sold to To En.Hisham,Johor. 

Sold Out (December)
1unit sold to Wajiha Jamil,N.9
1unit sold to Jennifer  Balan, Sarawak
1unit sold to Vienna,Singapore
1unit sold to Fuzieah,Selangor
1unit to Sold to Azlina Binti Isa ,JB
1unit sold to Suhana Umar,Shah Alam,Selangor

Sold Out (January 2013)
Stock pd bln ini ,January 2013 sebanyak 18 unit telah habis dijual...terima kasih kepada pelanggan Hani bb Collectioan ^_^.Kepada yg berminat tunggu stock pd bln seterusnya...

 1unit sold to Azrena
 1unit sold to Han
 1unit sold to Farhana A.Safian
 1unit sold to Romanoff Ridzuan
 1unit sold To AG
 1unit sold to Nurul Aini,Melaka
 1unit sold to Fairus Hashim,Rawang Selangor.
 1unit sold to Soh Ching Jian,Muar Johor
    1unit sold to Aishah Razali,KL

 1unit sold to Fazilah Ahmad Ridzuan,P.Pinang

 1unit sold to Zamilatul Aini,Kelantan
 1unit sold to Norhayati Isa,Muar Johor
 1unit sold to Hana,JB
 1unit sold to Lisa Ong,KL
 1unit Rashidah Ramlee,Kedah
 1unit sold to Nur Baizura Ahmad,Selangor
 1unit Sold To Muhammad Rashidie,Sarawak
 1unit sold To MR.

Terima kasih kepada Puan Norhayati Isa kerana sudi berkongsi gambar dgn kami.

Sold Out
(February 2013 )
1unit sold to Norfadhilah ,KL
1unit sold to Farhana,KL
 1unit sold to Ong yee San
1unit sold to Anis Haniza
 1unit sold to Suziyanti Osman
 1unit sold to Zaireen Sulaiman ,Segamat Johor
 1unit sold to Hafizul Hamzah
 1unit sold to Khairiyani,Perlis 
1unit -Sold To MR...JB
 1unit - Sold To Norazrin,Muar
  1unit - sold To Jashithra Krishnan

Sold Out (March 2013)
1unit sold To Hamimah Samsuri,Selangor.
 1unit sold To Noorfaizah,Batu Pahat.
 1unit sold To Noorfaizah,Batu Pahat.

Sold Out
  (April 2013)
   1unit sold to Maznida Mahadzir,Klang Selangor
 1unit sold To Norlin Nordin,Keramat KL.
 1unit Sold To As,JB
 1unit Sold To Nur Izyan,Simpang Renggam,Johor
 1unit Faizah,Batu Pahat
 1unit Sold To Huda Zainal,Pahang
1unit Sold To Aina Mohamed,JB
 1unit Sold To A,Selangor
 1unit Sold To A,Selangor
 1unit Sold To Khairul Anas,Penang

Ready Stock (March 2014)
 1unit Sold To Marina ,JB



-Wishing- said...

As salam..nak tanya,kalau sy nak beli n buat payment by esok..bila boleh pos? Tq

Hani Baby Product said...

Boleh insyallah jika payment diterima sebelum tengah hari.ptg sy sempat pos..esok sy dah pergi bercuti..

Aralynn Chan said...


I would like to buy this portable rocker. Can I have your bank accounts number? What are the other details to be given. Do let me know.

Thank you.


neemijay said...

Hi.pls kindly advice on the payment methods. thank u.

Hani Baby Product said...

HI Neemijay..if you interested,please email to me ,i'll will tell you detail

Norlin Mohd Nordin said...

Hai Hani, saya nak yg ni 1. Boleh bg detail pembayaran? Tq.

Azrol hisham Azhar said...

Mana boleh saya dapatkan bateri untuk fisher price ni

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